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What is the role and core of automotive connectors


Among the numerous mechanical materials available today, automotive machinery has received great attention, and with the continuous development of private cars, people are gradually focusing on the development of technology in the exhibition of automotive machinery, with automotive connectors being one of them.
What is a connector
To understand automotive connectors, the first thing to know is what they are and what they are used for. The automotive connector we are referring to here is a type of thing that electronic engineering technicians often come into contact with in their work and study. Its function is very large, but its use is also very simple. It is commonly used in circuits and can create a blockage during the use of the circuit, And a bridging process is formed between circuits that are no longer powered on, just like a bridge. After the link is connected, the current can be connected to start using, and the circuit can achieve some predetermined functions. However, during use, the plug-in form and structure of automotive connectors vary greatly, which can be said to be ever-changing, However, most automotive connectors are composed of several basic circuits, including contacts and casings. However, the materials of the casings vary due to the different usage conditions and varieties, resulting in different appearances and materials of the casings. In addition, insulators and some accessories are also used together.   
Contact parts
What is a contact part? In the overall automotive connector, there is a very close to the core component called a contact part, which is mainly the main device for completing electrical connection. When making contact, it is mainly composed of positive contact and invisible contact together. There is only one type of shape for the positive contact part, which is cylindrical, square cylindrical, or flat. Its main components are brass, phosphor bronze, and so on.   
The female contact part, also known as the socket of a car connector, is a very important and critical component for the car connector. When used, it mainly relies on this part for work. When connected, the female contact part will rely on its own elastic structure and generate elastic force due to the effect of elasticity when the pin is inserted, completing a close contact with the male contact part, Thus, the overall connection can be completed, but there are still many types of female connectors, including cylindrical and tuning fork shaped connectors, as well as longitudinally slotted cantilever shaped female connectors, which are commonly used in daily life.   
The shell of a car connector is also known as the shell. The use of the shell is an external protection for the car connector, and it is also a solid protection provided by the insulation mounting plate and pin. This mechanical protection can extend the service life of the car connector, and it can also help align when the plug and socket are combined, With its help, we can directly fix the connector onto the equipment we use.   
I have had a long experience using automotive connectors, which is very helpful for solving circuit problems because after using them, many aspects can be saved and safer